5 year wedding anniversary gift in wood

Have you been looking for a unique and original gift for a five year marriage anniversary?
Five years of marriage represent wood. This piecefull material can have a lot of character and on this page you can see some of my wooden wall sculptures. Just like love does, wood keeps its character over time and by getting older it has more soul and depth.
Offer this symbolic value to your beloved one and be sure to invest in many years of pleasure.

A Mondrian or van Doesburg based wall panel, a rare wooden bouquet or a contemporary artwork in pure wood... the ideas are here, get inspired.

Better than flowers that will fade away, better than a restaurant that will be forgotten soon afterwards, my wooden wall sculptures will remain, they will remember this special occasion many times.
A wooden wedding anniversary can be celebrated with these ecofriendly artworks that contain no screws, no nails, no colour treatment.

Also for your artistic friends, artist couples, gallery holders etc. a wooden contemporary artwork can be a very memorable gift for a 5 year marriage.

unique wooden presents

De Stijl panneau mural en bois

Wall sculpture 2013
"De Stijl 9-8"
76 x 57 cm
old, sanded and burned wood

Sculpture Carré noir sur fond gris, inspiration Malevitch

Wall sculpture 2012
"Black square"
60,5 x 50 cm
old greyed wood and burned wood

sculpture eclipse

Sculpture 100% wood,
constellation with black star

Sculpture De Stijl, inspiration van Doesburg

Sculpture murale 2012
"De Stijl 8-8"
68 x 51 cm
old, sanded and burned wood

Sculpture murale en bois

Bouquet provençal 2012
100 x 60 cm

Sculpture Contre composition 2

Wall Sculpture 2013
"Contre composition 2"
67 x 66 cm
Worn out wood, charred wood