headboards with charred wood

Have you been looking for a unique and original headboard for your bedroom?
The wood I use in my wall sculptures is partly charred and gives an original aspect to this material. The burned wood looks like a reptile's skin. Combined with greyed out wood this the wooden panels offer a nice and natural contrast. The wood I use remains in its rough state, this goes very well with a more slick and contemporary wall and modern furniture. Look at some examples in the gallery to get an idea.

All headboards are 100% natural and contain no polluting materials. The artworks contain no screws, no nails, no colour treatment.
In the past, headboards were also made from wood since it is a non conducting material, unlike stone, and prevented people from sleeping in a draft. Nowadays headboards come in all sizes and materials. They can be a part of the bed or can be detached and float above a bed. Endless forms have been added to offer a whealth of choice.

Where I want to make a difference is by being pure and ecological. As mentioned earlier my headboards contain no polluting products. The wood is found in the south of France where I live. The wood is being handled without industrial machines. The headboards are all handmade and keep their worn and soulfull looks. Small parts can be deformed over time and this can come out in the sculpture I make. I do not try to avoid these defaults, I respect them and the sculptures get a distinguished look by these natural deformations.

burned wood, a contemporary and unique surface

Eco friendly wall art with burnt wood

Wall sculpture 2011
136 x 29 cm
driftwood and burned wood

unique headboard bunrt wood and weathered wood

Headboard 2014
120 x 180 cm, variable
weathered wood, burnt wood

Wall sculpture Ondulation

Wall sculpture 2014
151 x 60 cm
old wood, burned wood

wooden wall panel 'Perspective'

Wall sculpture 2013
109 x 43 cm
Old wood, charred wood

Sculpture murale en bois

Bouquet provençal 2012
100 x 60 cm

Eco friendly wall art with burnt wood

Wall sculpture 2012
121 x 39 cm
old greyed wood and burned wood