eco-friendly sculptures

Hello and welcome on my website. My name is Antonius Driessens. On this website you will find my wooden sculptures and my bark photography.. My works are meant for interior decoration, interior design, public spaces, and other spaces open to unique art. All sculptures are unique, hand made and eco friendly. I use no nails, screws, paint or any product that can cause pollution.

This eco-friendly way of creating is dear to me but may not be visible from the looks of my art. For me however it gives more strenght to the sculptures, they remain open, honest and natural. The lack of colour is compensated by different types of textures, smooth gradients in the eroded wood. The newer "Stijl" art panels have more contrast in colour. As often in my works, the contrast and erosion are the main themes. The old crackles, the worn out colours, the different types of surface, the scars... The clair-obscur side of the sculptures can easily be found in the light driftwood and the burnt wood.


- Next exhibition in Aix-en-Provence, France:
From 1 to 13 june a selection of older and new wall panels are exposed in the townhall of Aix-en-Provence. The exhibition room is called Pavillon and you can enter without reservation, directly on the left at the entrance.

- During the summer season the Ceillac church will propose a large collection of my art works. This beautiful church will welcome more than 10 of my recent wall sculptures. Situated in the Alps where you can take some refreshing air during the summer heat. Call us at +33 679 333705.

- I am happy to announce my participation during the MacPARIS art fair in Paris. This reclaimed trade show takes place from 26 to 29 november included in the prestegious Espace Champerret.

art and design interests

Ideas for your interior decoration: wooden wall sculptures, if you are in for wood.
Fire up your interior design with unique wooden sculptures and get a natural but rarely seen combination of burned wood and driftwood. Choose timeless design, eco friendly art that is handmade and uses only regional products.
Modular art? Make your own mosaic with my printed bark photos. These photos of bark are printed on 30 x 30 cm aluminium plates with no border. This allows endless combinations and colour variations.
Derived from the early artistic movement called the Stijl I have a new collection of wooden wallpanels that refer to the known works of Mondrian and van Doesburg. Please read more about these as they are more than just remakes.

Eco friendly wooden Stijl panels

This new collection refers to the Stijl artistic movement from the Netherlands and includes original and handmade wooden frames with combinations of old and burnt wood. The paint has been replaced by eroded wood and the contrast comes to the surface by burning the wood, or sanding it, or keeping it light grey as it has become by sun exposure over the years. Again, these artworks contain no screws, nails, paint or whatsoever.

Bark photography

You can see about 26 prints of bark photography at the Domaine du Rayol, in the South of France. This splendid botanic garden has various types of gardens from all over the world. The gallery inside the main building will showcase a selection of my bark photography as well as some wooden sculptures and wooden wall panels. This will take place between march 24th and may 26th at the Domaine du Rayol.

Wooden wall sculptures

All wooden sculptures are created with respect for nature. For me this means that no wood has been chopped, no tree has been cut, no wood has been bought in shops. The raw material comes from public places, beaches, forests, junkyards, people offering their leftovers etc. No toxic products are used, all junctions and assembly is done with wooden pins, no screws or nails. The wood remains honest, soulfull, full of natural charm. Note that the wooden panels improve acoustics in the room they're placed in.

Eco friendly wooden panel art, based on Stijl artwork

Wandbeeld De Stijl, inspiratie van Doesburg

Looking at the planks that are stocked in my working place, I noticed both geometric and organic forms. The colors were all grey or desaturated. I then thought of the similatities between the abstract works of Mondrian and van Doesburg. To make a link with my way of working and presenting my treatment, I thought about creating a small collection of "De Stijl"-like wall panels in wood. It is the contrast between neo-plasticisme and abstractism on one hand and the soulful character of old wood.

Looking closer at the paintings there are interisting similarities. First of all Mondrian's and van Doesburg's works are paintings and this material has its own traces. The brushstrokes can be seen and can be compared to the wooden nerves in the wood. The old paint has now crackled and this looks like the burnt wood that shows the same texture.
This structure, this presence of soul, associated with the pure harmony of the composition delivers this unique collection.

Jury prize attributed to wooden sculpture "Fragile" by Antonius Driessens

wooden sculpture, Fragile

Antonius Driessens has won the jury price during the Arts en Fete competition. The professional jury has chosen the wooden sculpture "fragile" which will be exposed by the city of Chateauneuf les Martigues. Participating for the first time, and driven by the theme "Contrasts", the wooden sculptures always show a distinct contrast between the light colors of the driftwood and the dark colors of the burned wood. Also contrast in texture, in scale, in surface and others can be seen. The jury was pleased to discover this detail and originality amongst the participants. As the rules stipulate, Antonius Driessens will be part of the jury for the competition in 2013.

Antonius Driessens at Project'Isle, l'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue

We had some nice surprises and many good contacts during the International Foire in our space Project'Isle. Antonius Driessens was there amongst the other 18 contemporary artists. Tuesday night was a special night that welcomed many visitors in a casual atmosphere. Lots of compliments and heartwarming comments came over us during these five days in the center of the french Provence. We hope that everybody who has taken a flyer will contact us and continue our common passion for beauty, simplicity, originality and environmental consciousness. Thank you again for the encouraging words.

expo projectisleexpo projectisle

project'IsleA selection of Antonius Driessens' sculptures is exhibited at the Foire Internationale at Isle sure la Sorgue in the french Provence. The charming village is known for its artistic values and count numerous art galleries. You can find the contemporary art in Parc Gautier, from 11 to 15 august. Project'Isle showcases the work of about 30 artists that will be present on their stands. You will find Antonius Driessens on stand A13. Both wooden wall sculptures and luminescent sculptures will be exposed.

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The wooden wall sculptures are created with eco-friendly intentions: no screws or nails are used. Most sculptures feature clair-obscur as main theme, made of light colored wood and burned wood. Another difference is made between the more rectangular forms and organic forms, both subject to natural erosion.

In the menu on the left you can find the upcycling works. These include found or old furniture redesigned by a unique treatment. Ton Driessens applies his favorite techniques to restyle existing wooden products or furniture. This transformation results in a hand-re-made object with a new value.

New on our website is the collection of tree bark photography by Antonius Driessens. This gallery includes a series of photos from several species of trees and more precisely their bark. Their complex or unique surfaces are captured in a square frame and can be combined freely to create an original pattern.