Contemporary eco friendly art

My latest collection of wooden wall panels is inspired by works of Mondrian and van Doesburg. Famous for the artistic movement De Stijl, there paintings have made a revolution in modern art.
Their abstract paintings were the result of minimalizing and purifying forms and color. Objects and spaces were replaced by straight lines and pure colors. Their research for pure harmony resulted in a very recognizable style, often reproduced in a commercial context.

I have put this style in a eco-friendly context and replaced the paint by wood. There are very interesting similarities between the original work and my wooden wall panels:
- the colors are less pure but the old greyed out wood comes sometimes close to white, the burnt wood is pure black, and the Douglas pine is nice soft red. No colorants have been used.
- the brush traces are replaced by the natural growth rings and tearing in the wood
- the craquelure that has appeared on the original paintings is replaced by burnt wood that has a similar texture.

Ecological artwork in wood

Again, no nails, screws or color treatment has been used to create the wooden wall panels. Purity has been respected and all focus is on wood in its natural state with natural erosion as treatment.
The difficulty for me as artist is to find the material as it is supposed to be shown in the final state. The quality lies in the basic material itself, the wood in its natural state, eroded by time or mechanical repetitions. This makes all pieces unique and gives so much soul to the artwork. From the very first second a artwork has been made, it already breathes years of life.

This is also why these wall sculptures need enough space around them to "breathe". Because of the strong geometric forms, the wooden panels interact with the architecture around them, the space in which they are exhibited.

Mondrian/van Doesburg inspired wall panels

De Stijl 5-5 wooden wall sculpture

Wall Sculpture 2014
"AD 5-5"
61 x 59 cm
weathered wood, burned wood, sanded wood

De Stijl inspired wall panel

Wall panel 2013
"De Stijl 9-8"
76 x 57 cm
Old wood, sanded wood, burnt wood

wooden wall panel De Stijl 10-12

Wooden wall panel 2013
"De Stijl 10-12"
71 x 87 cm
Old grey wood, charred wood and sanded wood

unique Mondrain style sustainable wall sculpture

Sustainable Mondrain style wall sculpture2014
"AD 9-9"
74,5 x 52,5 cm
weathered wood, burnt wood, sanded wood

Malevich inspired wall panel

Wall sculpture 2012
"Black square"
60,5 x 50 cm
old wood, burnt wood

van Doesburg inspired wall panel

Wooden wall art 2012
"De Stijl 8-8"
68 x 51 cm
Old wood, sanded wood, burnt wood

De Stijl inspired wall panel

eco friendly wall panel 2012
"De Stijl 3-4"
71 x 42 cm
old wood, burnt wood

De Stijl inspired wall panel

wall panel 2012
"De Stijl 4-4"
65 x 46 cm
old wood, burned wood